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Tiruvannamalai Hill

Tiruvannamalai hill spread over an extent of 24 acres is regarded as a sacred mountain. In fact the mountain is so sacred that nobody may walk on the hill, nor build on the hill nor even cut a tree. Of course, this rule is broken easily nowadays. On a physical level, the hill symbolises height or potential energy, and is the basis for retention and efficient distribution of life-giving water to th


Prakriti or cosmic matter is made up of five great elements, each with its own life, form and location, but inter-dependent and connected. The five great elements are (according to their decreasing subtlety) space or aakasha; air or vayu; fire or agni; water or aapa; and earth or prithvi, according to several Upanishads. In the South of India, there

Plan for Theme Park at Centuries-Old Chinese Caves Rattles Preservationists

by Edward Wong DUNHUANG, China In the cool shadows of Cave 98, Li Lingzhi watched as workers in blue suits inspected the Buddhist frescoes commissioned in this Gobi Desert cliff grotto more than a millennium ago by a local ruling family. It has taken a decade to restore the cave. Metal scaffolding still surrounds the central statue, a thre

Nava Thirupathi Nine shrines of Vishnu

Dr. G. Balaji This set of nine temples dedicated to Vishnu are located in ancient Pandyanadu, now known as southern Tamilnadu. These beautiful shrines were built on the banks of the Tamaraparani river in Tirunelveli. These temples were classified among the 108 Divyadesams praised by the Alvars or Tamil Vaishnava saints. The hymns of the Alvars not only described the sanctity of


M. Amirthalingam

Palani hill is a sacred hillock situated in Dindigul district of Tamilnadu state. It is associated with the Dhandayuthapani swami temple and it occupies a special place. Palani hill is regarded as one of the arupadai veedu (six sacred places). Swamimalai, Tiruchendur, Tiruttani, Tirupparankundram and Pazhamudirsolai are the others.

Palani hill is a p


Filed under: Tales of India Leave a comment   There was not always mist in Kumbakonam, on most days it was clear, but on the mornings when there was mist, it lay over the ground, over the rice paddies extending to the horizon; the mist lay entwined around the trees, it spilled over the waterways in ethereal clouds, shrouding the past and the present, veiling all the mysteries of this w

Pichavaram, The Mangrove Forest

Sharon St Joan

The water is not deep at Pichavaram, maybe two or three feet. It is dark green. Waterways run between the islands of mangrove trees. Pichavaram lies along the coast of the Bay of Bengal, in south India. In February, 2015, our rowboat sailed quietly along the waterways which came


by Rohith BR,   Circa 750: Long before Bengaluru was born, KR Puram was surrounded by several other villages. And they faced threats from dacoits who would target their cattle. During one such attack, a villager named Mareya put up a strong fight against the dacoits and saved the cattle of his village. As he lost his life in the battle, the villagers erected a Veerag